Shower Doors

We deal in shower doors of Canadian brand Fleurco (Fleurco).

It is an excellent product in terms of design, quality and maintenance.

You will surely find a shower door that suits your needs.

Fleurco is a company with a proven track record of more than 50 years in the industry. Shower doors mainly include slide type, door type, shield type and so on. It is a shower door with excellent structure, design and cost performance.

a special coating call "Microtek" is added to most of their shower doors which prevents the breeding of bacteria. It also makes it a harder surface for water spots a soap scum to stick. These doors are also designed with smooth opening & closing.

It is very comfortable in terms of maintenance and rich in design so it is a shower door that makes the bathroom space more elegant.

In the showroom, since the products are actually exhibited, you can see and touch them and check the quality of those shower doors, so please feel free to come visit us.

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